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Karen writes:

I've been looking through the list of past-awardees, and the scope is very broad. They range from a single-PI awards of $25K for one workshop to the largest proposal for a Virtual Biodiversity Center that has three PIs and has been renewed for $750K. I think we can tailor our goals and come up with a realistic proposal depending on who wants to be involved and what seems feasible in light of the deadline. I can talk to a program officer and let you know what I find out. More tomorrow.

Rutger (discussion with arlin July 7, 2009)

  • concerned about compliance; need for standards
    • Linked data compliance. web sweep initiative tim burners-lee. best practices for implementing semantic architecture. exposing data as rdf
    • resources should be available and semantically linked
  • community triple store (possible demo project)
    • treebase uri architecture allow external triple stores to refer to treebase
    • timetree as an example, should be able to say things about splits or nodes in treebase
  • treebase needs more flexibility in metadata representation
  • nexml needs
    • hackathons for more implementations
    • nexml standards working group (compliance testing)
    • tdwg standards process
  • phyloWS
    • needs more work
    • validator?
    • client libraries for bio::phylo as a test
  • recommend Mark Wilkinson of UBC
  • recommend Bill Piel as senior personnel