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Comparative Data Analysis Ontology

The material previously on this page has been moved to CDAOManuscript.

This page is for ongoing work and contains links to supporting docs, past work, and sub-topics.

Test Data Sets

Initial Implementation


Meeting Notes

Telecon, 7 March, 2007

present: Francisco Prodoscimi, Julie Thompson, Enrico Pontelli, Arlin Stoltzfus

What activities to do before the meeting? Plan for development?

  1. represent 4 simple test cases
    • nt alignment plus tree
    • prot alignment plus tree
    • kinases with inhibitor sensitivity
    • worm morphologies
  1. carry out operations with reasoning
    • set and logic operations on characters and OTUs
    • clade selection
    • other?
  1. map ontology to other representations
    • NEXUS
    • neXML

Other issues for meeting and for paper

  1. what is the scope?
  2. How to integrate with other ontologies?
    • table from 'related artefacts' exercise
    • genetic code as an example

Next meeting

  • telecon, 14 March, 10:00 EST (GM===
  • agenda
    • nt and prot test data sets (arlin)
    • protege demo (brandon)

another meeting