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''See [[Data Resources]] for data providers considered for the [[Hackathon]].''
''See [[Data Resources]] for data providers considered for the [[Hackathon]].''

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See Data Resources for data providers considered for the Hackathon.

Initial draft material for a survey to collect and document reference metadata about participating data providers in advance of the event.

  1. Project Details
    • implementation language (java/perl/php/python)
    • toolkits used (e.g. BioPerl)
    • which license(s) they use (e.g. GPL, CC, LGPL)
    • which objects they export (with reference to the glossary)
    • what interfaces they currently implement (taxon search, blast search, lookup-by-accession)
  2. Data, metadata, and I/O profile
    • what kinds of data does a provider store?
    • what metadata does a provider store?
      • Is there a list of metadata terms and values?
      • Are any metadata fields controlled?
    • Is a schema publicly available that describes the data and metadata model?
    • Are there sample records that show some of the diversity of data and metadata?
    • What input formats and ways of data import does a provider support right now?
    • What output formats does a provider support right now?
      • Is the data downloadable?
  3. Use Cases
    • who they'd like to consume (e.g. "I want data from project X and integrate it in my own output")
    • who they'd like to supply to (e.g. "I want my data to by integrated in the output of project X")
  4. Requirements for use-cases
    • to satisfy the use cases, what functionality needs to be implemented (in broad terms)
  5. Implementation
    • to meet the requirements, what needs to be added (e.g. homegrown code, 3rd party libraries, architectural changes)