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[[Category:Hackathon Subgroups]]
[[Category:Hackathon Subgroups]]
[[Category:DB Interop Hackathon]]

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This a hub page for the hackathon subgroups. Every subgroup will have a link to their subgroup page from here.

The process for organizing subgroups is described on the Agenda page.

Subgroup 6 words or less (description) Members
Taxonomic Intelligence Subgroup Syntax and protocols for resolving taxonomies Bill Piel, Karen Cranston, Matt K Katja Seltmann
Java API Library to NeXML Subgroup Lightweight, High level API for NeXML Peter, Sam, Jim, Rutger
PhyloWS Middleware Subgroup PhyloWS high level and adaptors Ryan, Hilmar, Jeet, Lucie, Vladimir
API Framework for Processing Semantics Subgroup extracting NeXML semantics in triple stores Roger, Vivek, Brandon, Enrico, Mark, Matt Y
Communicating the Meaning of Taxonomic Terms Subgroup Appropriate Ambiguity in Protocols Bill, Karen, Matt K.
Visualization Subgroup Web GUI for tree viewing and editing Greg, Sheldon, Katja, (Matt Y, Arlin)