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Question 1: Specification Language XML Schema and DTD

Question 2: Scope Not biologically related. It is a very general framework for the description of graphs, trees, networks.

Question 3: Case or Frame Dependence Definition of graphs is general (collection of nodes and edges). Data attributes can be used to link to application-specific representations.

Question 4: Extensibility Arbitrary data (encoded in XML) can be attached to nodes, edges, and graphs. In addition, a specific locator element is introduced to point to external sources of data.

Question 5: Open The format is generic but allows extensions only through linking of XML elements defined by other documents.

Question 6: Controlling Authority Official advisory board.

Question 7: Update and Version Policy No specific update policy. Version 1.0 on the web.

Question 8: Conformance Policy No conformance policy. Being an XML format, it can rely on validating parsers.

Question 9: Status Updated last April 2007.

Question 10: How widely used No indication of popularity. Summary