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(Agenda (still somewhat tentative))
(Agenda (subject to change at any time))
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# ''Group work session'': decide on strategy and deliverables
# ''Group work session'': decide on strategy and deliverables
# ''Stand-ups'' (spokespersons): report strategy and deliverables
# ''Stand-ups'' (spokespersons): report strategy and deliverables
'''Day 1 (Monday), evening barbecue '''
* Hilmar Lapp has invited us to a barbecue for the group
* time and venue TBA
'''Day 2 (Tuesday), morning session, 8:30 a.m.'''
'''Day 2 (Tuesday), morning session, 8:30 a.m.'''

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The travel, transportation, and hotel arrangements are also available as a downloadable PDF file.


Time and place

Our first meeting will take place 20-23 May at NESCent headquarters in Durham, NC. NESCent staff will contact you to arrange travel: please plan to arrive on Sunday the 20th (meetings start right away on Monday morning), and to leave on the 23rd some time after noon (meetings end at noon on the 23rd).

Agenda (subject to change at any time)

Day 1 (Monday), morning session, 9:00 a.m. (starts at 8:30 tomorrow)

  1. NESCent Introduction
  2. Lightning talks A-M
  3. break
  4. Lightning talks N-Z
  5. Discussion: visions of interoperability

Day 1 (Monday), afternoon session, 1:30 p.m.

  1. Working group introduction (Arlin, Rutger)
  2. Discussion of suggested task areas
    1. Formalization
    2. Assessing user practices
    3. Assembling a library of cases
    4. Software testing and gap analysis
  3. break
  4. Self-organization into task-specific groups
  5. Group work session: decide on strategy and deliverables
  6. Stand-ups (spokespersons): report strategy and deliverables

Day 1 (Monday), evening barbecue

  • Hilmar Lapp has invited us to a barbecue for the group
  • time and venue TBA

Day 2 (Tuesday), morning session, 8:30 a.m.

  1. Group work session
  2. scheduled talk on ontologies
  3. Group work session

Day 2 (Tuesday), afternoon session, 1:30

  1. NESCent informatics projects
  2. Group work session
  3. Stand-ups (spokespersons)
  4. Discussion (all): analysis and future plans

Day 3 (Wednesday), morning session, 8:30 a.m. - noon

  1. Group work session : use this time to document your accomplishments!
  2. Stand-ups (spokespersons) : final report, followups


NESCent is equipped with a complete set of IT and office resources to support the needs of meeting participants. They are explained in detail in the IT & General Help article.

In short, all meeting and break-out spaces are covered by wireless network. Wired network jacks are available in the conference rooms and at the back of the large meeting space too. We have a system administrator on staff to assist you ad-hoc with computer problems. Video projectors and a loaner laptop for displaying Powerpoint presentations are available. You may submit your presentation electronically to the meeting organizer either by email, or using a USB memory stick (your own or supplied by us).

In terms of office resources, there are fully networked printers you can use, as well as a copier that doubles as a scanner. For high-end printing and finishing needs, a FedexKinko's is right across the street.

Hotel Arrangements

You will be staying at the Millennium Hotel in Durham, (2800 Campus Walk Avenue, Durham, NC 27705, telephone: (919) 383-8575).

Reservations have been made for 4 nights’ lodging, Wednesday, September 6th through Saturday, September 9th. The current agenda plans for you to arrive on Wednesday, September 6th, meet Thursday, Friday, and Saturday departing on Sunday, September 10th. Check in time at the Millennium Hotel is 3:00 p.m. and check out time is noon. Please contact Jeff Sturkey at NESCent via email Jeff Sturkey or 919-668-4545 to make any changes to your room reservations. The rooms will be directly billed to NESCent. We will pay for your room, while you will be responsible for all other incidental room charges, including meals you might charge to your room. If you are bringing a roommate, there will be an additional charge of $20.00 per person per night payable to the Millennium Hotel.

Travel Arrangements

Please contact our travel agent, Mark Eide, as soon as possible to arrange your airline travel. Please note that as a condition of your invitation to participate in NESCent meetings, we ask that your travel plans be ticketed no less than 21 days in advance of your meeting. In addition, our travel agent has been instructed to search for lower-cost airfares for all attendees.

Your early selection of flights will provide you the widest choices. In addition, please note that the National Science Foundation requires that we use U.S. air carriers and coach class.

Your airfare charge will be directly billed to NESCent. Although we have provided the travel agency with your names, we ask that you contact Mark. His contact information is:

Mark Eide (although other agents at the firm can assist you as well)
Gentry Travel
Telephone:  919-787-2511  ext. 215	
Toll Free Telephone:  800-633-9350
Email: mark@galegentrytravel.com

It would be helpful if you could make your travel arrangements by August 15.


Arrival at Raleigh/Durham International Airport (RDU)

We suggest using the Millennium Hotel airport shuttle service. This shuttle will be directly billed to NESCent. When you arrive at RDU, please call the Millennium Hotel via the display of hotels at the Baggage claim area. You may pick up the receiver and push the appropriate button for the Millennium Hotel, or you may call the Millennium at (919) 383-8575. Please tell the attendant that you have a reservation and wish to be picked up at the RDU airport. The hotel is approximately 10 minutes away. Any ground transportation questions arising immediately after arrival can be answered at the RDU Information Desk near the Baggage Claim area.

Getting to NESCent

We will also coordinate shuttle service between the hotel and the NESCent office for your meeting.

Meal Arrangements

We are able to reimburse you up to $36.75 for meals on your arrival travel day and for your departure travel day, providing you can furnish NESCent with original receipts. Reimbursable meal receipts cannot exceed $49.00 for a full (non-travel) meeting day at NESCent. These amounts are based upon US Government rates and are subject to change. Please see the information sent to you regarding your specific meeting.

NESCent is unable to reimburse you for any alcohol purchases, and cannot process meal receipts with any alcohol line-items. Please make sure there are no alcohol charges on your submitted receipt.

NESCent can reimburse you for your local airport parking, travel to the airport, and related ground transportation, with your original receipts.

IIn order to process your reimbursement, NESCent will need your home address. Without your home address, NESCent cannot process any reimbursement to you. NESCent will process reimbursement checks which will be mailed to your home address within approximately 45 days after you send us your original receipts.

Non-U.S. Citizens

We would appreciate your letting us know if you are not a US citizen. If you will be arriving from outside the United States, we will provide you with a formal letter of invitation briefly outlining the purpose of your visit. This letter may be required during your travel to the US, and we encourage you to keep a copy with you. Please send via email your office mailing address so that we can send the formal letter of invitation. For all non-US citizens we will need to make a copy of your passport and I-94 and/or visa waiver during your visit.

IT Support

For information about the IT and audio-visual support at NESCent, please see Help:Contents.


For Logistical Questions

For questions directly pertaining to NESCent arrangements, contact:

Jeff Sturkey						Telephone:  919-668-4545
Logistics Coordinator					Fax:             919-668-9192
National Evolutionary Synthesis Center		Email:         jsturkey@nescent.org
2024 West Main Street, Suite A200
Durham, NC 27705

For Other Questions

If you have any other questions regarding your visit, please contact Jeff Sturkey.