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Related projects in evo-info standards and infrastructure

  • CIPRES (CyberInfrastructure for Phylogenetics RESearch)

Data Standards and Providers

See Data Resources, Related Artefacts, and Standards.

  • pPOD, Processing PhylOData: Core Database Technologies to Enable the Integration of AToL Information
  • Lewis P (2003) NCL: a C++ class library for interpreting data files in NEXUS format. Bioinformatics 19(17): 2330-2331.
  • Maddison et al (1997) NEXUS: An extensible format for systematic information. Syst Biol 46(4):590-621.

Opportunities for dissemination such as meeting tutorials

call for symposia for the 2007 meeting of the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (due 20 Nov 2006).

Funding opportunities


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