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Mailing List for the Meeting

The mailing list is called wg-evoinfo and is hosted by NESCent.

Using the email list

  • You can send email to all meeting participants by posting to
  • The message will be forwarded automatically if you send it using the same email account you used to subscribe originally. Otherwise the moderator has to approve it.
  • You may also send requests for changes to the mailing list to

Tips for effective emails

  • Use an informative subject line (don't recycle)
  • Limit your text to the single topic referenced in the subject line
  • Keep your message short (<20 lines)
  • Be clear about expected responses or action items
  • Don't reply to all of us if your message is for one of us (and vice versa)

Using the list archive

  • The URL for the mailing list archive is
  • You will need to login with your email and password to view the archives.
  • The password is not the same as your wiki access password. The initial password is randomly generated and can be retrieved through the subscription information page Enter your email address with which you are subscribed into the field at the bottom of the page and click the button next to it labeled 'Unsubscribe or edit options'. The next page will have a button to have the system email you your password.

NESCent Newsletters

NESCent has established several electronic newsletters to provide information on our activities, programs and deadlines.

  • NESCent News will be released 6-8 times a year, and will summarize current activities at the Center. It will include information on funded projects, results of scientific activities, ongoing workshops and database efforts, outreach activities and collaborations. In addition, it will highlight new initiatives, provide information on current proposal deadlines, and discuss informatics workshops, courses and resources.
  • NESCent Local is designed for individuals in the NC Triangle area, and will consist of a monthly announcement of upcoming seminars, workshops and other activities at NESCent that are open to faculty, students and researchers at local institutions.
  • NESCent EOG News will highlight activities of our Education and Outreach Group. It will include information on resources for educators and the public concerning evolutionary biology.

We encourage you to sign up for NESCent News, and one or both of the others as appropriate.