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Links to meetings both for the working group and the hackathon

Date Track Meeting Comments
2006 Dec 11-15 Pre-WG 1st NESCent Phyloinformatics Hackathon: Lowering the Barrier This hackathon preceded this working group. This hackathon helped give rise to the Evolutionary Informatics working group.
2007 May 21-23 WG 1st Working Group Meeting
Nov 12-14 WG 2nd Working Group Meeting
2008 May 19-23 WG 3rd Working Group Meeting
Dec 4 Hack Database Interop Hackathon planing teleconference
2009 Feb 3 WG NeXML Teleconference
Feb 20-22 Hack Database Interop Hackathon Planning Meeting
Mar 9-13 Hack Database Interop Hackathon


Group Membership
Working Group Participants
Database Interop Hackathon Participants

Meeting Logistics