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Frequently Asked Questions about NeXML.

Who do I ask about NeXML?

Start with the NeXML mailing list.

Who is the lead for NeXML?

Start with Rutger Vos.

Where do I find out more about NeXML?

Does NeXML have a schema?

Yes. There is an XML Schema.

How is versioning handled in NeXML?

How can we tell what version of NeXML we have?

Are there example NeXML files?

Yes. has several examples, side by side with their (roughly) equivalent NEXUS files.

What is the process for updating/changing the NeXML standard?

Post your suggestion on the NeXML mailing list and pursue the discussion.

How do we annotate OTUs to enable binding to external taxonomies?

The full question was:

How do we annotate OTUs in NeXML files with something meaningful to enable binding to external taxonomies rather than just putting in the name string written on the last determination of the specimen and hoping it matches something?

See Attaching a taxon identifier to an OTU through a relation.

What implementations are available?

The NeXML website lists Java, C++, Perl, Python and JavaScript implementations. See the "Bindings" sidebar and the Downloads page.