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* specification : will provide core data model, schema mappings between databases
#REDIRECT [[pPOD#pPOD Information]]
* scope :  processing of data related to phylogenetic analysis workflows.  Trees, matrices, phenotypic, phenotypic descriptions, specimen collection information, phylogenies and methods employed, post-tree analyses such as character evolution hypotheses. (Example, tree T123 was obtained from matrix M456 by Joe Bio on 01/31/2001 using PAUP with parameters…)
* uses : development of tools for the integration of AToL (Assembling Tree of Life) data and interoperability of AToL data within analysis pipelines
* extensible :
* open :
* controlling authority : joint project of University of Pennsylvania, UC Davis, and Yale University led by Val Tannen.
* update and versioning policy :
* conformance policy :
* status : in development
* intended for AtoL project developments. also TreeBase, Mesquite, etc.

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