PhyloWS Bootcamp Notes

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--vivek 11:55, 11 March 2009 (EDT)

  • presented by Hilmar


  • Overview of sections in the PhyloWS wiki site
  • Overview of the PhyloWS specification site
  • PhyoWS - providing data
  • API to get the tree from the URI
  • RESTful service
    • Resources play the main role
    • for getting a tree use HTTP GET
    • for updating a tree use HTTP PUT
    • Using HTTP actions to CRUD data from the URI
    • basic : /phylws/<provider name>
    • SRU standards handle the data source specific fields in the query


  • Authentication?
    • There are other standards, PhyloWS specification does not deal it with now.
  • output format?
    • Must support NexML
    • Other formats can also be provided
  • basic minimum services to be support for data providers?
    • will be included in the specification (querying the tree and getting a tree)