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Frequently Asked Questions about PhyloWS.

Who do I ask about PhyloWS?

Start with Himlar Lapp.

Who is the lead for PhyloWS?

Start with Himlar Lapp.

Where do I find out more about PhyloWS?

What is the process for updating/changing the PhyloWS standard?

Is PhyloWS implemented?

PhyloWS is partially implemented. There is a prototype for Tree of Life; that is you can, through PhyloWS and a REST interface, obtain ToL trees. However, there are pieces of the specification that still need to be fleshed out.

How do I use the data returned from PhyloWS? What is the meaning?

CDAO represents a solution to this aspect.

How do I use PhyloWS to access data holdings, search data holdings, query interfaces?

The full question was:

How do I use PhyloWS to access individual items and resources (e.g., one tree in TreeBASE, one alignment in an Alignment database) and how are these data returned?

NeXML provides a solution to some of these issues by offering a standard interchange format.