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Scope and Purposes

This page provides a concise summary of the outputs and interactions of the evoinfo working group, to be used for purposes of reporting outcomes to funding agencies, and for related purposes.

The products or outputs listed below should be information products that can be disseminated for the good of the evolutionary analysis community. It should not include intangible outcomes or products that will not be of use to anyone.


The categories of products are those used by NESCent for generating its internal reports to NSF.


Recommended Format: Use reference format for The American Naturalist (

  • Prosdocimi, F., B. Chisham, E. Pontelli, J.D. Thompson, and A. Stoltzfus, Initial Implementation of a Comparative Data Analysis Ontology. (in review, BMC Evolutionary Biology)

Proposals & Grants

Recommended Format: PI names. Year. Institution. Proposal title. Funding Agency. Duration. Award amount.

  • revision of 2007 proposal to be submitted Nov 5: Stolzfus, A., E. Pontelli and G. Gupta. Workflow Environment for Evolutionary Comparative Analysis. NIH. 2009 to 2013. $1M direct.

Software and Data Sets

Recommended Format: Author names. Year. Title. Web url.

  • Vos, R. 2007. nexml: an XML data exchange format for phylogenetic analysis. (
  • Prosdocimi, F., B. Chisham, E. Pontelli, J.D. Thompson, and A. Stoltzfus. 2008. Comparative Data Analysis Ontology (CDAO), an OWL-DL ontology for evolutionary comparative analysis. (
  • Stoltzfus, A. 2008. MIAPA annotation tool (proof-of-concept software). (


Recommended Format: Collaborator names. Year. Title. Web url.

News coverage

Recommended Format: Author names. Date. Title. News organization.

Other Products