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A New Working Group Proposal

This page will serve as the breeding ground for a proposal to NESCent to establish a new working group from the ashes of Evoinfo, whose work led to the establishment of the NeXML/CDAO/PhyloWS stack, and culminated in the Database Interoperability Hackathon.

Proposal deadline: July 10, 2009 (see guidelines)

Proposal details: "Proposals for working groups are short, not to exceed 5 single-spaced (12-pt type) pages (not including budgets or CVs)." (see instructions)

Proposal Sections

Here are the required sections of the proposal, as laid out in the instructions.

Title (80 characters max)

Working Group on STandards for Data and InterOperability (stdio)

  • just a suggestion... --maj

Short Title (25 characters max)

Data Standards & Interop

Name and contact information for Project Leader, and any Co-Leaders

Project Summary (250 words max)

("appropriate for public distribution on the NESCent web site")

Introduction and Goals

("What important scientific problem in evolutionary biology is being addressed?")

Proposed Activities

("What specific data and analytical tools will be used? How will synthesis occur?")

Names of Proposed Participants

("Indicate which individuals are already committed to participating. Not all participants need to be specified in advance; if unspecified, the type of expertise needed should be indicated. Working Groups should include some participants with appropriate analytical and/or IT expertise. If non-US participants are proposed, briefly describe why their participation is essential to the success of the project. Please review our NESCent Travel Arrangements and NSF/NESCent Travel Policy, and, in particular, information on non-US visitors and international airfare.")

  • Please add yourselves to this list; this will also serve as an indication of interest in participation in the group. Use my entry as a template. Thanks! ---maj
  1. Mark A. Jensen, PhD; Fortinbras Research/BioPerl; email

Rationale for NESCent support

("Why can this activity be most effectively conducted at NESCent?")

Anticipated IT Needs

("Briefly describe any needs for IT support that are important to the success of the proposed project. Please indicate whether long-term maintenance of a public database will be expected.")

Proposed Timetable

("include Start Date month and year, number of meetings, and length of each meeting")

Anticipated Results

("include anticipated papers, data and software products, and anticipated public release of data and products")

Short CV of Project Leaders (2 pages for each)

("Do not include talks, society memberships, nor papers in preparation.")

  • These will be added to the final document. --maj