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  • Database of Phylogenetic Knowledge
  • Bill Piel

TreeBaseII has the kind of granular schema that would be a good challenge to try to accommodate using cdao. What is missing from cdao (and nexml) is the notion of a "study" with various types of metadata, including publication/reference metadata (which is somewhat dc-like).

Its not clear what reference to site. The TreeBase "Intro" page cites about 7 different references up to 2000, including posters and papers. Some of the papers apparently are scientific studies and not implementation papers. Some of the most likely candidates for a TreeBase citation are as follows (perhaps we should include all of these):

  • Sanderson, et al., 1994 (Am. Jour. Bot.), cited 59 times, can't track citing papers
  • Sanderson, et al., 1993 (Syst. Biol.) cited 29 times, most citing papers are meta-analyses ! (that's good)
  • Morel, 1996, cited 21 times