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[http://www.treebase.org TreeBase] is a database developed with the stated purposes of archiving published data sets and supporting meta-analyses.  Currently there is an effort to re-engineer the schema in the form of a TreeBase II.  Arlin has schema documents (UML, XMI) from the developers that he can share with you. 
#REDIRECT [[TreeBASE#TreeBASE Information]]
# The specification language is SQL
# The scope covers character data, trees, and some analysis information; essentially it is a large subset of what is covered in a NEXUS file
# Within this scope, the schema has similar limitations to NEXUS (poor support for specifying models and complex data sets)
# Development is controlled by the administrators
# We are not aware of a versioning policy.
# We are not aware of a conformance policy.  The administrators are loose about the NEXUS format for uploading data to TreeBase.  In the past they have corrected invalid files received from users.
# TreeBase is actively used and we expect that the TreeBase II update will take place eventually
# TreeBase is widely used for archiving in some areas of the systematics community.  It has not been widely used for meta-analyses, to our knowledge.  Currently the interface is very limited.

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