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Sheldon McKay

Research Investigator, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

I received my M. Sc. in genetics (C. elegans) from the University of British Columbia and a PhD in evolutionary genetics from Simon Fraser University. My doctoral dissertation was on systematics of salmonid fishes.

I have participated in a number of large scale functional genomics projects, mainly involving the famous model organism, C. elegans. I also contributed to WormBase for a number of years. I currently have a research faculty appointment at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and I am active in the modENCODE, GMOD and iPlant consortia. My work in iPlant is currently focused on tree of life and my interests coming into this hackathon are 1) data federation and interoperability and 2) high-level mashup (demo) applications to overlay onto large sets of phylogenetic tree data and facilitate tree visualization and manipulation, as well as supertree assembly.

Research Background
Evolutionary genetics
Functional and comparative genomics
Scientific software development
Object Oriented Perl
MediaWiki and php
Contact info