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Roger Hyam

This is a brief biog so you know where I am coming from:

I am currently working for the NHM London on a project called PESI (Pan European Species Infrastructure). We are right at the start of this project and a lot of things have to fall into place before we make progress. My roll is data exchange standards.

Although I work for the NHM I am based in Edinburgh and have a desk at the Royal Botanic Gardens there. I maintain a database of the worlds specimen collections called the Biodiversity Collections Index (BCI). The idea behind this is to be an umbrella over other indexes providing LSID resolution etc.

I am also heavily involved in TDWG and biodiversity standards. I instigated the LSID Vocabularies part of the TDWG Ontology and currently have an interest in the TaxonConcept vocabulary. The TaxonName vocabulary is used by several "nomenclators".

I am a phylogenetic naive but I do have some experience of phylogenetics from way back doing a PhD in Rhododendron.

I am very keen to integrate efforts in the biodiversity community with what is going on the evolutionary community and I hope that participating in the hackathon will help that. I guess that my primary interest is in the products of research.