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Scope and Purposes

This page provides a concise summary of the outputs and interactions of the DB Interoperability Hackathon.

The products or outputs listed below should be information products that can be disseminated for the good of the evolutionary analysis community. It should not include intangible outcomes or products that will not be of use to anyone.


Categories of products

Software and Data Sets

  • NeXML validation script
    • Author: Mark Jensen
    • Description: A command-line, shell-script-friendly Perl script that will send NeXML out to for validation, and return results at the verbosity level chosen (from exit value only on up).
  • NeXML Test Files
    • Author: Arlin Stolzfus
    • Description: Files created for experimenting with representation schemes and to provide instances for tests.
  • NeXML TreeBase Files
    • Author: Jeet Sukumaran
    • Description: NeXML conversion of TreeBASE
  • Taxon Name Service
    • Authors: Taxonomic Intelligence Subgroup
    • Description: Takes a name (language optional) or a number (language specified) or an LSID (no language required) and returns a collection of names or numbers in the other languages it knows about

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