Java API Library to NeXML Subgroup

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This subgroup aims to create a Java API for the NeXML data model so that any Java project can read and write NeXML without getting too close the file format.



NeXML Perl Tutorial

Rutger created a tutorial on how to Create a tree and serialize it to NeXML.

Daily Reports


Based on Arlin's notes.

  • requirements
    • lightweight
    • hides details of references; plumbing that we don't want to put on to developers
    • expands on a popular library, biojava or jebl
  • decided to target phenex and TreeBASE II
  • decided to choose jebl as technology foundation

Tuesday Standup Report

Based on Dave's notes.

  • Gave up on BioJava and Jebl. They are too big. Using own standalone.
  • How do we want to do the XML parsing?
    • Use Java COM api or XML Beans
    • Trying to avoid having users download too many Jars.

Vladimir suggested that the API should be the focus of the group this week, and that the underlying Jars were a detail that could be changed later.

Wednesday Standup Report

Rutger gave report. Notes based on Dave's incomplete (arrived late) notes.

  • Using test driven development. Trying to keep it simple because it's an API to just get it out.
  • Expect to have whole API today except for annotation part.
  • Not currently doing any XML reading or writing.

Thursday Standup Report

Peter gave report. Dave scribbled.

  • More or less finished API, except for annotation
  • Rutger and Sam are reading writing
  • Peter and Jim are dealing with RDFa issues.
  • Today: work out RDFa issues
  • Tomorrow demonstrate fundamental reading/writing.
  • Want to make it hard for people to create objects that don't serialize well.