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Links to meetings both for the working group and the hackathon

Date Track Meeting Comments
2009 Mar 9-13 Hack Database Interop Hackathon
Feb 20-22 Hack Database Interop Hackathon Planning Meeting
Feb 3 WG NeXML Teleconference
2008 Dec 4 Hack Planning teleconference
May 19-23 WG 3rd Working Group Meeting
2007 Nov 12-14 WG 2nd Working Group Meeting
May 21-23 WG 1st Working Group Meeting
2006 Dec 11-15 Pre-WG 1st NESCent Phyloinformatics Hackathon: Lowering the Barrier The working group proposal was accepted in the summer of 2006. Rutger and Arlin then worked with Hilmar and Todd to plan this hackathon. Several of the working group members helped to develop use cases and participated in the hackathon.


Group Membership
Working Group Participants
Database Interop Hackathon Participants

Meeting Logistics