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Katja's notes.

morphbank image services example

  • example queries*
  • return all images (thumbnails and geolocation link) based on taxon name keyword search

Picture 3.png

     * url search string for this example:
     return result looks like:
     Keyword search example.png

     * http://services.morphbank.net/mbd/request?method=search&objecttype=Image&keywords=apidae&limit=3&format=id
     return all morphbank identifiers to create image links based on taxon name
     search from web interface:
     Ids only.png

rewrites to images (GUIDS) are done in one of two ways:

old ways:

http://morphbank.net/?id=470949 returns the record of that image

http://morphbank.net/?id=470949.jpg returns small jpg

http://www.morphbank.net/?id=470949&imgType=jpg&imgSize=500 (smaller jpg)

http://www.morphbank.net/?id=470949&imgType=jpeg&imgSize=900 (larger jpeg)

new way (presently on development server):

http://test.morphbank.net/470949 returns the record of that image


http://test.morphbank.net/size/300/470949.jpg (smaller)

http://test.morphbank.net/size/900/470949.jpeg (larger)

  • morphbank maintains these images in original, large jpeg, medium jpg (L300), small thumb (L90), imgSize or /size/ resize image return using imageMagik before delivering
  • morphbank imagines the full url as our GUID

returns: Image id search return.png

other notes

  • seems that dict term submissions could be available on the nexml site::deposit those terms producing a file that identifies those strings.