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The CDAO team held a meeting last week that included development and strategic planning. Ultimately we would like for CDAO to be a community project with an infrastructure that allows it to be responsive to a diverse and active community of stakeholders. Its going to take some time to get to that point, but as a start, we would like to open up development of CDAO and be responsive to the needs of those of you who are working on phyloWS and nexml.

This is a page to pool our ideas and brainstorm about how to proceed. There are a variety of topics to discuss:

  • how do we coordinate development of nexml, phyloWS and CDAO (the EvoInfo "stack")?
  • what topics need semantic coverage right now?
  • how well do email lists and open teleconferences work to build communities?
  • what is the effectiveness of various tools to facilitate development (google code vs. sourceforge; bug or issue trackers)
  • which people or communities should be encouraged to get involved?
  • which projects should the phyloWS-CDAO-nexml developers pay more attention to (e.g., OBI)?