Standard tree visualization parameters

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As part of the Hackathon's activities, Greg updated PhyloWidget with a "standard" set of possible simple visual annotations.

The most useful ones are:

  • LABEL_COLOR : The color of the label.
  • BRANCH_COLOR : The color of the branch.
  • NODE_COLOR : The color of the node.
  • LABEL_SIZE : The size of the label.
  • BRANCH_SIZE :The size of the branch.
  • IMAGE_SIZE : The size of the image.
  • NODE_SIZE : The size of the node.
  • NODE_SHAPE : The shape of the drawn node. Possible values:
    • s : square
    • t : triangle
    • x : star-shaped
    • o : filled circle
  • IMG : The URL to an image to display at this node
  • PRINT_IMG : The URL to large-sized image, only to be used when outputting a PDF image of the tree.

Some notes:

  • COLORS may be specified in any of the following ways:
    • (r,g,b) where r, g and b are values from 0 to 255
    • #AABBCC where AA, BB, and CC are hexadecimal values for the red, green and blue components
    • red where 'red' is a simple color name (works for sure with red, green, and blue; doesn't work with yellow)
  • SIZE is always given as a multiplier, to increase or decrease the size relative to its normal value.